The Baltic Conference - Oslo 2004


Dear delegates.


Welcome to this informal, but after many years, annual gathering of valuers from the northern part of Europe.


A special welcome to the person who most probably has contributed most to keep up the ties between the valuers in the Baltic states - Mr. Uwe Tychsen


There are many new faces here to day and a special welcome to delegates who visit the conference for the first time. I also wish to welcome all the delegates, Norwegians included, who, for some, have travelled a long distance to be here with us to day.


This informal gathering The Baltic Valuation Conference has no statutes, no rules and no regulations and - no subscription fees. It is run on a purely voluntary basis, sponsored to a little extent by the organising associations. Venues for coming events are always by invitation and the area round the Baltic Sea has been expanding ever since the first meeting was arranged for countries truly bordering the Baltic Sea. I think possibly that geography books should now be rewritten so that the Baltic Sea also borders countries like Norway and Iceland. Delegates from Iceland were invited, but apologized for not being able to attend this time. I do however also the miss the attendance of delegates from Kaliningrad in Russia and Denmark, who I believe have never attended the conference. Perhaps the next organising country will send a special invitation to these countries, so they also can take part in the fruitful events of these gatherings.


Now that we have established that the group has annual meetings with good attendance, what is the aim of this informal gathering and what do we wish to achieve? I think this is a crucial question to be addressed, if the group is to continue with these meetings.


I will not try to give all the answers, but I register the following points:


   We meet colleagues from various countries, with a varied background

   We discuss valuation techniques and methodology

   We discuss legal structures cross border

   We discuss common aims and the general conditions under which valuers practice their profession

   We create liaisons cross border for the benefit of the participating parties

   We create better understanding between colleagues, through social arrangements

   And so the list goes on.




What have we achieved during these years of meeting?


   These meetings have certainly broadened my scope both professionally and socially and have taught me new ways of looking at the various aspects of valuation. For instance the way that land part of a property is valued in Germany and the extreme emphasis on comparable pricing techniques employed throughout Europe.

   I have also come to the conclusion that there is a need for a common valuation language across Europe, not only through International Standards like the EVS and the IVS, but also through the exchange of practical hints, ideas and technology. Some of these techniques we will here much more about during the course of the day.

   I also find that each delegate brings with him some Country Specific techniques and valuation problems exclusive to his or her country, but even so they can often be made applicable to other countries as well.

   I also think that another of the benefits of the group, is that the delegates represent a rather limited geographical area, and therefore the understanding between the participating counties is much greater than would otherwise be the case.

   I realise that language is a barrier for all cross country communication, but through regular meetings and socializing, such boundaries are gradually being broken down. We are all in the same boat in this group, none of have English is a main language, and thus we are all as good as the next person, when speaking this strange language.


I think I shall stop here and I hope you all will have a fruitful conference and a pleasant stay in Oslo. I now proclaim the Baltic Valuation Conference 2004 - for opened.


Thank you very much.




Erik Larsen, president of NTF

25. September 2004