Valuer for fixed assets
State of co-operation in the Baltic Sea States

Sachverständige für Immobilienbewertung (der Stand ihrer Zusammenarbeit in den Ostsee-Anrainer-Staaten) deutsch

Next time: 22. - 24. September 2016 in Gdansk / Poland

Current politics.

Which countries we are talking about?

What is co-operation necessary for?
The market for fixed assets is becoming more and more international.
We have the Common Market in the EU included the Connected Countries.
Adaptation of  law is under development
The European currency €uro is fact.
In the 
IVSC  (International Valuation Standard Committee) out of the nations of the world our colleagues have prepared an international standard for valuation of fixed assets.
TEGoVA (after TEGoVoFA and EUROVAL) is working on European level with the topics:

What is succeed in co-operation round the Baltic?
The Icelandic Society of Appraisers did invite me

  1. to give as lecturer a  seminar on „Valuation in Germany“. I was at that time chairman of our expert association (VBD) in Schleswig-Holstein und Hamburg. With the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK )
  1. we carried out in 1992 in Luebeck a Conference together with Valuer from the Nordic Countries.
  1. was following Copenhagen and
  2. Helsinki. On the occasion of the next Conference
  3. in Stockholm the name was born: THE NORDIC VALUATION CONFERENCE.
  4. met colleagues from eight countries in Tallinn ( ekhy ). Main lecturer has been the at that time president of IVSC, Mr. North from Toronto.
  5. we have been invited of the Norwegians ( NTF ) to Oslo: The Nordic Valuation Conference 1997 took place the 4th.of October.
  6. it had been in Wismar with over 50 participants from eight countries organised by the UNI Rostock and the VBD. We thought the Baltic Sea States are a geographical area with a very good foundation and therefore changed the name into THE BALTIC (NORDIC) VALUATION CONFERENCE.
  7. we have been with great success ( thanks to Lithuanian Association of Property Valuers ) in Vilnius (BALTIC VALUER CONFERENCE) and
  8. in Turku with “Current issues in Valuation” and “The use of indexes in Valuation” on the agenda. Very good organised by Olavi Hiekka and Hanna Raasaka.
  9. was the BALTIC VALUATION CONFERENCE in Riga (Latvia). The issue: "Relationships between appraisers, banks and insurance companies".  Thanks to Vilis Zuromskisund Daiga Deruma.
  10. we came after ten years back to Luebeck. In the Buergerschafts-Sitzungssaal in the historical townhall of the Queen of the hanseatic league
     sixty colleagues discussed the issue: Valuation of properties under preservation (historical monuments and landscape).
  11. Gdansk !  The issue was: "Valuation of sea-connected real-estate". President Wacław Baranowski (The Polish Federation of Valuers’ Associations) and his successor Prof. Andrzej Hopfer with a good programme and perfect hospitality were hosts on this Whitsun weekend.
  12. Oslo. The colleagues of NTF were host in the Grand Hotel, Karl Johans gate in Oslo. The president of NTF Erik Larsen opened the BVC 2004. Subject of the conference was the Norwegian computer program "Key to Valuation". At all a perfect arrangement. Thanks to the Committee of BVC 2004 ( Are Aakerøe, Odd Hovde and Helge Jensen ) with NTF-secretary Birgit Liodden.
  13. Tallinn (The Estonian Association of Appraisers EKHY) were host in the "Reval Hotel Olümpia" in Tallinn.
    Tambet Tiits
    , Head of the board of EKHY, opened the BVC 2005. Program of the conference: "Valuation and Property Market in Globalisation".
    The first speaker: Mrs. Tea Varrak, Deputy Finance Minister of Estonia.
    150 Participants, thereof seventeen from abroad (10 countries) inkl. Romania + guests from China. Thanks to Managing director Katrin Kolbre (EKHY).
  14. St.Petersburg . The Russian Society of Appraisers (RSA) was host in the "NOVOTEL", the new-built Hotel in the city of St.Petersburg.
    Igor Artemenkov, 1 st vice president of the RSA , adressed the participants. Topic of the conference: "Current status of valuation profession in Europe". Ca. 150 experts, thereof 23 from abroad (from 10 foreign states) incl. Ukraine und Bulgaria. A very good organisation arrangement did Veronica Maliguna (RSA).
  15. Helsinki . The Finnish Association for Authorised Real Estate Valuers was host in the Helsinki University of Technology (HUT) in Espoo.
    Kauko Viitanen and Tuomo Heinonen, adressed the participants. Topic of the conference: "Compulsary Purchase and Compensation". In cooperation with the FIG Commission 9 came participants from all over the world. More than hundred experts, thereof 24 from Finland and the others from 36 different foreign states incl. China, Australia and New Zealand. A perfect arrangement.
  16. Klaipeda . The Lithuanian Association of Property Valuers (LTVA) was host in Klaipeda and Palanga, Lithuania, in the University of Klaipeda. 80 participants. The topic: Recreational & Leisure Property Valuation around the Baltic Sea. We had a visit in the Old Town of Klaipeda and Palanga Park, the Amber Museum in Palanga, on the Curanian Spit with the Lithuanian Sea Museum at Klaipeda (Kopgalis) fortress. Thanks to Steponas Deveikis and Dalia Bagdanovičienė .
  17. Visby . The Association for Chartered Surveying, Property Evaluation and Transactions (ASPECT) was host in Visby on the island of Gotland, in the University of Gotland and this fantastic old Hansetown. 56 participants. The topic: The Financial Crisis and Environmental Damages - their Impact on the Property Markets. At first we had a perfect guided visit through the Old Town of Visby. On the last day we were guests at a construction site. "Visborg" the biggest restoration project in Gotland ever. Overall, a series of exciting talks and contacts. Many thanks to Åke Ekwall his Organizing Committee.
  18. Rostock . In the historical townhall. 52 participants. Responsible for coordination was the Association of Publicly Certified and Qualified Experts (BVS) with Bernhard Bischoff. The theme of the conference was twofold: "Changes in rural and urban areas and their impact on valuation - demographic changes and moving of population: their influence on the property market, planning laws and rural and urban development" plus "Qualification and certification of valuers - securing high quality of experts". You can find some lectures from the BVC2010 here,
    and the first reports Report Ina Viebrock-Hörmann , Report P-O Skoog , Report Tino Koch
  19. was the BALTIC VALUATION CONFERENCE in Riga (Latvia).
    The issues: "Mass valuation and cooperation with individual valuers" and " Existing Mutual recognition of valuers' qualification" Thanks to Vilis Zuromskis and his board.
  20. Kiel . In the house of the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. 20 participants. Responsible for coordination was Ina Viebrok-Hörmann. Presentations from: Ari Laitila, Örn Ingvarsson, Vivita Baumane, Markku Airaksinen, Harry Viebrock and Bernhard Bischoff. The themes of the conference were: "Valuation of buildings of the 1970es (or 1960es) - between demolition and monument preservation" plus "Excisting and emerging challenges in the field of real estate valuation - practical and theoretical approaches".
  21. Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland .
  22. Helsinki, the capital of Finland .
  23. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The Estonian Association of Appraisers hosted the 25th Baltic Valuation Conference and celebrated its 20th anniversary at the same time.  .

As well there are a lot of other activities for further education and training and for co-operation to expert-associations in the European Countries. EU-law is European partnership making permissible.
If I try to compare the different systems, I have to note differences fx.

Who has been on this exchange of experiences, he could take great advantages. It’s organised by the associations of authorised experts of valuation, but is a place for discussion with professional people in governments and administrations too. Legislation activities will become necessary.

What is to do?
What happens with us in this years, the practical men shouldn’t be quiet and wait on „the state“ or a well-meaning destiny. Our daily professional working place is the province. Unfortunately is there a big need for to let it be as it is. Experts are specific earthnear and working alone. On the other side there is a great need for information, in Germany too.

We can see that a worktogether on global-level is not so cheap. But round the Baltic we have not so long distances. In our region around the Baltic-Sea with a great potential for future development the ways for communication are becoming shorter everyday. We have a chance. Only with intensifying of co-operation we can preserve the competence for our profession.

will take place 22. - 24. September 2016 in
  Gdansk /Poland.
For details have a look on Ina Viebrok-Hoermann

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