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We are living in a state of the northern part of the Federal Republic of Germany, in Schleswig-Holstein. Our town Neustadt with appr.15,000 inhabitants has an historical harbour to the Baltic-Sea. By highway we are in 15 minutes in Luebeck and in 30 minutes on the ferry to Denmark . See a little bit more in german about the county  Ostholstein  and its neigbourghood. Have a look on an english web-side about our county-town Eutin too.

We have five children an five grandchildren too. One of them Paul Lamp you can meet on www. Without his inspiration we never should become internet-users.

My workinglife belongs to architecture and construction. As a skilled carpenter I make my studies in Lübeck and other places. A few years later I began as an independant architect. Since 1982 I am working as an independant expert for construction and valuation vereidigter Bausachverständiger .

In international relations I am active in contacts between experts round the Baltic-Sea and in the Nordic Countries. Every year we have a meeting in several cities, it's called The Baltic (Nordic) Valuation Conference

My part on the 14.Baltic Valuation Conference in St.Peterdburg was: Appraisers liability insurance in Germany.


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